Sunday, September 25, 2016

Salem's Best Cultural Venue -- Salem Cinema : Salem, Oregon

Another terrific edition of the "Manhattan Short Film Festival" at Salem Cinema.
The Motto is "One World, One Week, One Festival" because the same 10 shorts are shown all across the world in the same week, and audience goers all over the world vote for their favorite, and so it's the only truly global film festival.

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Fri 9/23 & Sat 9/24 3:15
Sun 9/25 4:15
Mon 9/26 & Tues 9/27 7:00
Weds 9/28 & Thurs 9/29 7:45

All seats only $9!
no coupons, passes or CineBucks
accepted for special events

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worth Many Thousands of Words (and Millions of Dollars Saved)

Proposed "Taj Mahal" Overbuilt $82M police HQ compared to size of ENTIRE current city hall.

Proposed "Taj Mahal" Overbuilt $82M police HQ is not only twice (200%) the size of the facility the city claimed was the right size for years, it's 160% the size of the ENTIRE current city hall.

It's not about Clinton