Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rally against Haste and Waste in Siting new Salem Police HQ Facility

Salem City Watch Members, 

The Police Facility Task Force will be meeting at the Broadway Commons next week on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, from 6 pm to 8 pm to further discuss the best location for a new police facility. The public is invited and encouraged to attend so you can lend your support for an appropriate location.  A new Police Force Facility is sorely needed and members of the community who serve on the task force are particularly anxious [sic -- eager] that it be built economically, with expediency, and in a carefully thought out way that can best serve the needs of the police and the community. After all 56% of the City of Salem's general fund is spent on Police and Fire every year.  

       It is vitally important that everybody come.  This is likely to be the decisive meeting.  It appears from the Agenda that staff and some task force members are attempting to push the location back to Civic Center.  There are many good reasons, including the excessive cost, for not placing the new facility on city hall property or right next to it or across the street.  Your input is needed on these issues.  Please come!  This is the time, there will not be another.

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Re: Big Oil attacks Oregon's clean fuels

That's a load of crap.  Biofuels are fossil fuels plus topsoil depletion, GMOs run wild, and INCREASED climate emissions. That's without even considering the effect on food prices.  Biofuels kill.

It's pathetic that organizations helping Big Oil lock in the liquid fossil fuels paradigm are pretending to do something TO Big Oil when they're really just doing something FOR Big Oil.

"Let's live on the planet as if we intend to stay."

On Mar 4, 2015, at 09:56, NRDC - Joel Reynolds <> wrote:


Protect Oregon's Clean Energy Future

Protect San Onofre State Beach from disaster!


In Oregon, we are moving quickly on plans to cut carbon pollution, the dangerous stuff that fuels climate change.

But Oregon's inspiring clean energy program is at risk of being polluted by Big Oil. The oil industry is trying to kill the program that has phased in a mix of cleaner fuels for our vehicles while reducing the amount of dirty fuels that pollute our air, water and land.

Protect the law that protects Oregon -- tell your state representative to stand firm against Big Oil's attacks on clean fuels.

The Oregon State Senate voted last month to extend the Clean Fuels Program -- but, true to form, the oil industry is investing big money to lobby the House to block extension of the program.

The Clean Fuels Program is already working by phasing in a mix of cleaner fuels for our cars and trucks since 2009.

And hundreds of innovative companies are now producing cleaner fuels, including sustainable, advanced biofuels, clean electricity and biogas. We're creating clean energy jobs, right here in Oregon, and saving money on fuel at the same time.

The Clean Fuels Program will continue to spur investments in clean energy, cut our oil consumption and introduce more fuel competition to the state. But we can't stop now.

Tell your Oregon representative to stand up for Oregon's Clean Fuels Program.

We cannot afford the oil industry's monopoly over our transportation fuels, economy and health. Don't let profitable polluters take our state backwards -- help protect Oregon's clean energy future.

Thank you,
Joel Reynolds
Western Director, NRDC

Robert Kennedy Jr. to show anti-vaccine film in Salem

This is terrible.

RFK Jr. Has done fine work and his heart is definitely in the right place, but this and support for biofuels on the left are just more evidence that anti-science lunacy is not solely a trait of the GOP.

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I just signed this GMO petition -- will you?

Republicans in Congress obedient to Satan's chosen emissary on Earth (Monsanto) are set to reintroduce a bill to block GMO labeling.

So much for the states rights they're always yammering about. Turns out that only applies to oppressive measures to control people -- they're fine with federal control over state laws when it works for their corporate masters.

That's why I just took action urging Congress to reject this dangerous legislation. I think you should, too.

Sign the petition here:

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Here's the Kickstarter for Salem . . . a cheesemaker's factory in Independence!

These are great people with a great product.  Let's help them get re-established so they can continue to supply awesome cheese for us in Salem (go to Lifesource or Cascade Baking Co. to find it if you haven't tried it).

The Mrs. and I met at the University of Wisconsin
(state motto: "Come and Freeze in the Land of Cheese"), so we tend to feel like we know good cheese. And anyone who looks at me immediately can tell that I still have a thing for great cheese.

And the Full Circle Creamery cheese is EXTRAORDINARY.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It’s hard to worry about polar bears when Malawi is flooding RIGHT NOW | Grist

Good article with fantastic, lengthy comment from an Aussie appended, discussing why Obama has taken a such a profoundly hypocritical dive on responding to climate disruption. And one commenter has proposed what might be the only way to get elites in America to care about the issue:

"Climate Change to End Spring Break, Scientists Say"

"Scientist say white kids and some kids of color (who aren't too colored to be kind of scary) will not be able to party their asses off in Cancun by 2020 due to coastal beach resorts being submerged. Scientists have had to ask the tough question: "won't someone think of the children (white meritocratic high achieving children, of course)?"

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

As Oregon considers extending clean-fuel standard, environmentalists are divided | [feedly]

Environmentalists who are willing to study the science instead of the politics aren't divided: science-based environmentalists know that biofuels subsidies through use mandates are a hugely destructive policy that does nothing to stop or slow catastrophic climate disruption and instead only serves to further lock in liquid fuels long enough for Big Oil to finish destabilizing the basis of human civilization, a life-sustaining climate.

Anyone willing to admit the crucial, absolute need to take meaningful action to get off fossil fuels but then proposes biofuels as a step in that direction is like a drunk at a distillery who says that the way to get off alcohol is to drink all the booze that the distillery can supply, so that eventually the distillery workers will get tired and the booze will be depleted.

Biofuels are the current era equivalent of the Carter era Synfuels nightmare, where coal operators got huge subsidies for spraying and burning coal with diesel, calling it a synfuel.

Support real action on climate!  Stop coal, stop fossil fuel transshipment and exports, support the OREP agenda, kill the clean fuels nonsense.
As Oregon considers extending clean-fuel standard, environmentalists are divided |
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Friday, February 27, 2015

The myth of the American love affair with cars (The Washington post) [feedly]

The myth of the American love affair with cars (The Washington post)
// A post-automobile world?


For decades, Americans have been in love with the automobile — or so thesaying goes. This single idea has been a central premise of transportation policy, pop culture and national history for the last half-century. It animates how we think about designing the world around us, and how we talk about dissidents in our midst who dislike cars.

"This 'love affair' thesis is like the ultimate story," says Peter Norton, a historian at the University of Virginia, who warns that we need to revisit how we came to believe this line before we embrace its logical conclusion ina future full of driverless cars. "It's one of the biggest public relations coups of all time. It's always treated as folk wisdom, as an organic growth from society. One of the signs of its success is that everyone forgets it was invented as a public relations campaign." ...

(Much more at link)

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Don't set yourself up to commit vehicle homicide: hang up and drive

Please stop making or answering phone calls while driving. Hands free or not.

It puts you and everyone else on the roads with you at as much risk as if you were driving impaired by alcohol.

There is ZERO evidence that hands-free telephone use while driving is any safer than holding the cell phone.  Every single study, going back to the 90s has shown that the distraction caused by hands free phone calling is every bit as pervasive as using a regular cell phone while driving.

The hazard is not what you're doing with your hands, 
it's what you're doing with your attention.

If you are a driver who talks on the phone while driving (rather than a passenger), please watch this video, and ask yourself what call you make that is worth killing someone to make.

Although this powerful documentary is about people who kill while texting, 


That's not just me, that's what the data show.

I know there are fifty or five hundred people ready to tell me "what about adjusting the radio?" Or "what about people who eat while driving" etc. etc. and all I can say is that it is a FATAL mistake to not understand the difference in how humans actually behave in interactions with others (conversations or text exchanges) and how humans behave with inanimate things. 

Please do not endanger the rest of us and set yourself up to be commit vehicular homicide.

If you are driving, please do not converse with people not in the same car with you by any means.  Period.  Your loved ones, and other peoples' loved ones will thank you.