Thursday, October 13, 2016

Name the Third Bridge Contest Over: It's the Donald J. Trump Bridge

On revising the Salem urban growth boundary so that the Bridgeasaurus Boondogglus (Third Bridge) can be added to the Salem Transportation System Plan:
This evening, you are taking a momentous action and such a momentous action really deserves a fitting memorial. So I ask that, if you approve this proposal, you should go the whole way and name the bridge now, so that this monstrously expensive waste of planning dollars will always carry the name of someone associated with the kind of sound good judgment and maturity that this project has exhibited from the start, Donald J. Trump.

It's really exactly is the kind of classy project that should bear his name and it would be fitting indeed.

The financing is pure fiction and will lead to massive losses, but not for the people pushing the project, only for the little people in the blast zone.

It's the kind of project that can only be supported by people who are in total denial about the reality of climate change and who insist that climate change is a hoax by the Chinese to destroy American industry. If you vote to add this to the plan, you are endorsing that kind of thinking, in direct contravention to state policy goals.

The demand modeling underlaying the project projections is as sound as The Donald's earnings projections on his bankrupt casinos. Just as The Donald flatly denies his own filmed quotes, the traffic projections in the draft EIS you are furthering are pure flat denials of reality.

Citizens raising questions and concerns have been treated like a Hillary Clinton piñata at the GOP Convention. 

The repayment cost for the financed project is remarkably similar to the yuuuuuuuuge $916 million loss that helped The Donald shift his tax burden onto ordinary citizens, just as this bridge will do.

And the backers of this pork project have acted throughout like The Donald backstage at a teen beauty contest, salivating and determined to just grab the prize with both hands.

It really is The Donald to a tee.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A good example of the Strong Towns thinking Salem and everyplace else needs

Thinking about the maintenance obligation when considering the cost of building something new -- amazing!

Sad to say, such thinking has become positively unAmerican.

And so this article is about yet another example of entitled folks building something that works for them in particular while screwing everyone else for generations.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Should we build new and shiny when we can't maintain what we already have?

An exchange with Chuck Marohn during the questions and answers following Chuck's presentation to the people of Salem on October 5th.

Chuck's entire talk is available online here
Tom Andersen (Ward 2 Salem City Council): [90:03] I wonder if you can comment a little more about the wisdom or folly of spending money on building new infrastructure and roads and bridges, but we cannot maintain roads and bridges and infrastructure that we have right now.
[90:18] [applause]
Chuck Marohn: [90:27] Only an insane people would think that it's smart to build more when you can't fix what you have. The Department of Transportation head for Tennessee when he was named went to the legislature in Tennessee. Schroer is his last name, I can't remember his first name, brilliant guy.
[90:47] He went to the legislature and said, "Look, we have a house with a leaking roof, you want me to put on an addition, I'm not going to build any addition until we fix the roof, period." Is that common sense or what?
[91:01] Here is the way cities operate, imagine and think about that map of Lafayette, we had the green areas and the red areas. A city today is like a company that has five divisions and the one division is profitable and the four divisions are losing money, and our solution to that problem is to build a fifth division that looks like the four that are losing money.
[91:25] That makes no sense at all. To me, I think the solution is to make sure that the first division never fails. Your good neighborhoods should never suffer from lack of maintenance. Your downtown should always have sidewalks that are fixed, should always have streets that are properly maintained, should always have lights that are on, should always be taken care of because it's producing huge amounts of wealth for you.
[91:52] Then in the neighborhood surrounding that maybe are cash flow positive, maybe are not but are on the borderline, those places should be getting the excess, the wealth being generated [in the downtown], they should be getting the love and brought back up, because that's the division that can actually be made profitable with a little bit of tenderness.
[92:12] The other ones are the places where you're going to have some difficult triage questions, but you are fools -- we are fools, I will put myself in this American pool of people -- We are fools if we build more. Do you want to know how big a fools we are?
Audience: [92:29] Yes.
[92:29] [laughter]
Chuck Marohn: [92:32] Detroit, which is undergoing massive contraction. They are letting go of whole neighborhoods. They're letting go of pipes. They are digging up roads but building more stuff too. It is so ingrained in who we are and what we become. It so ingrained in our processes and the way we envision ourselves.
[92:56] Think of like the Romans with the Gauls coming in saying, "We can still have that circus," and it took a while for them to come to grips with the world have changed. We can be smarter than that.
[93:12] I don't want to rail on your bridge project. I'm not here to fight about a bridge, but to me, the idea of building even a frontage road to a potential bridge is a bizarre concept when you have so much stuff that you cannot afford to maintain today.
[93:29] You're actually going to have to make really, really difficult painful triage decisions in the future about the stuff that you've already built, why would you make that problem way, way, way worse?
[93:40] [applause]

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Watch "How can Salem Become a Strong Town" on CCTV Channel 21

This is the playback schedule for Strong Towns on channel 21:

Invest 90 minutes with Strong Towns before Wednesday's Third Bridge Hearing

Salem's excellent and indispensable "Breakfast on Bikes" blog does an outstanding job demonstrating that the Sprawl Lobby's strategy is to bury citizen involvement in a mountain of paperwork to prevent citizens from finding and sharing the most important proofs that would show just how foolish is the plan to expand Salem's urban growth boundary to allow further consultant-enriching work on the $500 million (liar's budget) "Salem River Crossing" (a/k/a "Bridgeasaurus Boondogglus").

Watch Chuck Marohn's thoughtful, powerful presentation on CCTV Channel 21:

This is the playback schedule for Strong Towns on channel 21:

Basically, the City has backed a dumptruck of documents up and downloaded them right on the heads of the people of Salem, confident that, with less than a week to review the material, citizens won't be able to find and highlight the many contradictions and failures to comply with the state land use goals and requirements.

A far better use of your time than the mountain of dreck that the city has dumped on us is this video from Wednesday's Strong Towns presentation.

The Sprawl Lobby - the construction firms and developers salivating over the massive spending possible through the project are willing to bankrupt Salem to enrich themselves. They want as few people as possible to hear this message, especially now, while the Bridgeasaurus is still easy to kill.

So watch this powerful presentation and plan to attend Center 50+ on Portland Road on Wednesday to speak up for making Salem a Strong Town and against municipal bankruptcy.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Salem's Best Cultural Venue -- Salem Cinema : Salem, Oregon

Another terrific edition of the "Manhattan Short Film Festival" at Salem Cinema.
The Motto is "One World, One Week, One Festival" because the same 10 shorts are shown all across the world in the same week, and audience goers all over the world vote for their favorite, and so it's the only truly global film festival.

Manhattan Short Film Festival

Fri 9/23 & Sat 9/24 3:15
Sun 9/25 4:15
Mon 9/26 & Tues 9/27 7:00
Weds 9/28 & Thurs 9/29 7:45

All seats only $9!
no coupons, passes or CineBucks
accepted for special events

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Worth Many Thousands of Words (and Millions of Dollars Saved)

Proposed "Taj Mahal" Overbuilt $82M police HQ compared to size of ENTIRE current city hall.

Proposed "Taj Mahal" Overbuilt $82M police HQ is not only twice (200%) the size of the facility the city claimed was the right size for years, it's 160% the size of the ENTIRE current city hall.