Saturday, August 2, 2008

A telling omission

There's a link on the City website that says "Fly Salem" -- not too far below another link that takes you to a pdf for the press release announcing the demise of scheduled air service in Salem.

The odd thing is that the "Fly Salem" link takes you to the Chamber of Commerce website ( with no disclaimer about "you are now leaving the city website."

In other words, the common conception that Salem officials don't do a good job staying staying at arm's length from the Chamber might just have a little basis in fact.

Update: The funny part is at the bottom of the "Fly Salem" promo page:

Before you book your next flight, check Salem first. Just go to and search 'SLE'. You might be surprised.

Free parking and a freshly remodeled terminal await you with easy access from I-5 to Mission Street and 25th in Salem.

Yes, many people are surprised when the airlines go under these days, stranding thousands of people.

Also -- if we just remodeled the terminal, then for pete's sakes why would the airport authority propose yet MORE remodeling for the terminal now that Delta is leaving? Just asking.