Sunday, October 5, 2008

Verify your voter registration, or register by 10/14!

One of the worst things that nearly all states do is require voter registration, usually weeks in advance of the election ... in other words, just as the campaigns hit their crescendo, the registration window is already closed.

Advance registration is not necessary -- Wisconsin, among other states, allows same-day registration, proving that every state could provide the same service if registration wasn't some political football.

The bottom line is this:

  You don't have to register to pay taxes.

  Why do you have to register to vote?

Meanwhile, Oregon, like most states, has an absurd registration barrier, with registration closing this year on October 14, 2008. 

You can verify your current registration  here:

There are a number of important issues on the ballot this year from the perspective of people who want to live their values for the environment and for society here in Salem.  So make sure you're registered, and if not, contact the elections office and get that way!

Marion County:
Polk County: