Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If your "low flow" toilet needs multiple flushes

Jack Bog has a post mentioning how bad "low-flow" toilets are, and someone posted a reply noting that there are actually really good low-flow toilets out there because they finally figured out a way to have a good, standardized engineering test that will separate the contenders from pretenders in terms of performance.

This is a huge issue in Salem (and everywhere else) -- we've got hundreds of thousands of toilets being flushed multiple times because inferior design means that the first wave of 6 liter flushers don't do the job. Not only is it an immoral waste of pure potable water, it's a tremendous waste of energy (pumping all that water to the tanks, and then all that energy to treat the waste on the way out).

Salem should set develop a "pay as you save" program for the Water/Sewer Bureau, where anyone in Salem who installs one of the top-rated low-flow models -- the ones that actually DO reduce water consumption -- can charge the cost of the toilet and the installation to their water and sewer account with the city and pay it off @ $5 a month. For many people, the savings from the better performance would pay the bill, and the city would see a huge drop in wasted water and energy.

Read the article about the testing, it's funny and important at the same time.