Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chapel Hill, NC addresses peak oil

OK, for all its self-congratulating, Oregon is falling seriously behind when cities in the Confederate States are ahead of Oregon's capital in terms of giving official recognition to the new reality of a converging crises (peak oil and climate chaos).

In Oregon, supposedly one of the best states for energy efficiency and climate awareness, we're now at the point where the absolute most aggressive actions being proposed by the elected and appointeds, the best that is being discussed at the state level -- the "pie in the sky" deepest-green responses to our climate predicament -- all fall abysmally short of what is needed to even have a chance at avoiding the worst consequences.

In other words, we are continuing to dance after hearing the big "thump" and we're telling ourselves that the slight list we're feeling is just our imagination, and besides, this ship is unsinkable, and we can't be expected to leave such a magnificent ship for those tiny little lifeboats, it's just unthikable . . . .