Thursday, November 6, 2008

Petition for President-Elect Obama

Here's a promo for a petition from "Transportation for America" that's probably worth signing just so they can build their list of transportation activists:

I bet you're like me: struggling with our aging transportation system—crumbling bridges, over-crowded subways, infrequent trains, streets that are inadequate and unsafe for walking and biking, and more.

Well, on Election Day America voted for a new direction in Washington, and Barack Obama made a lot of campaign promises about doing something to fix our crumbling infrastructure. But promises are never enough, so I just signed a petition asking him to prioritize investment in a 21st Century transportation system in his first 100 days. If we invest wisely, building clean, green infrastructure will put millions to work and lead us on a pat toward energy independence.

Will you sign the petition too?

We need to make sure that Barack Obama fixes what's broken, preserves existing transit jobs and service, and promotes a clean, sustainable, green infrastructure. If we make it a priority, and invest in good projects, we'll save money in the long run, and help build a future that's free of foreign oil and catches us up with our economic competitors.

So please, sign the petition today. All you have to do is visit