Friday, December 5, 2008

See Riverfront Park-Minto Brown bridge design ideas

Bike evangelist Eric sends:

On Monday, Dec 8, at 5:30pm, there will be a brief "work session"before the Salem City Council meeting to unveil 4 designs for the proposed bridge from Riverfront Park to Minto- Brown Island. The work session is not structured for public comment, so it will just be an opportunity to look at the designs. Later the City will solicit comment. In any event, it's a great opportunity to see what could be the next piece in downtown park connections. It's also an opportunity to show City Council that bicyclists care. If you are interested, please consider attending.

Also, Friends of Two Bridges has established a tentative date for the Union Street RR Bridge opening ceremony. This is contingent on construction being complete, so it's far from definite. Nevertheless,

you should pencil in Saturday, February 21 for the inaugural ride across the river!