Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good piece on chickens and property values

A local realtor talks some sense about the effect of pet hens on property values:
There has long been a movement to allow people to have chickens on their property. This movement is picking up some steam due to the recent economic woes. Stressing the importance of being able to grow your own food, C.I.T.Y (Chickens in the Yard) is making another push to remove the ban and allow chickens in Salem Oregon city limits.

So what does this mean for homeowners and property values? In my opinion, not much. Really…I mean think about it. Your neighbor has chickens and you start to stress that your property values are going to go down now? Do you not think that the house painted neon green next door, the ugly orange jalopy half taken apart in the driveway, or the barking dogs aren’t going to impact people either?

Will some buyers freak out about living next to chickens and pass on buying your house for sale? Yes. There are always those who get concerned about these things. BUT there are people that will pass on your house because your neighbor dog barks at them as well…Unfortunately we really can’t do much about our neighbor’s [sic]. I can’t choose their paint color, whether or not they play their music loud, or whether or not they have an obnoxious kid. These are all part of living close to one another with different value systems.

Home buyers also need to remember that just because you buy a house because there are no dogs, chickens, or loud noises around doesn’t mean that won’t change when the house next to you goes up for sale. Loud people move too.

Chickens in city limits really should not be a huge concern for home buyers. If you really hate the idea, many subdivisions have CC&R’s that don’t allow livestock. Those CC&R’s still trump any changes the city would make. If the ban gets lifted, then you can always live in one of those neighborhoods and know that you will be safe from chickens next door.

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