Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buy local! Streetcars made in Oregon

Could Salem have as good a transit service in the 21st Century as it did in the early 20th? Possibly --- one step would be restoring the streetcar network, using Oregon-made streetcars:

Joycelyn Chavez, Manager of Marketing & Business Development for UNITED STREETCAR LLC will be the guest speaker at the Thursday noon meeting of the Salem Downtown Lions Club. UNITED STREETCAR LLC, located in Clackamas, Oregon, is manufacturing the first modern streetcar made in the USA. In a few weeks the first vehicle will roll out of the plant and begin test runs on the Portland Streetcar system. Modern streetcar lines are being developed by many cities in the US to serve growing urban mobility needs.

The Lions lunch meeting will take place at the Blue Pepper Bistro, 241 Commercial Street NE in Downtown Salem, starting at noon.

Bob Krebs
Salem Downtown Lions Club

Below please find links to my Tacoma, Washington Streetcar videos.

Streetcars of Tacoma Video – Part One

Streetcars of Tacoma Video – Part Two

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