Friday, April 24, 2009

Salem-Keizer Transit Board Candidate Interviews

There's a really important set of races in the election coming up, with ballots being mailed out about May 1 (to be returned by May 19).

But, there is about zero public interest, even though this is a crucial election from the point of view of trying to manage our environmental footprint. Salem and Keizer voters in certain areas will choose four members of the Cherriots board (out of seven).

Candidates who will appear on the ballot in their district are below. Click on highlighted candidate names to see their Statesman-Journal interview.

You can download and read the SJ questionnaires that six of these candidates returned here.

Director, Subdistrict 2, 4 year term (Keizer)
Kelly Hernandez *
Ron Christopher
Hughie Baker

Director, Subdistrict 3, 2 year term (NE/Central Salem) -- SJ Interview
John Gear
Kate Tarter (incumbent by appointment by current board)
Chris Barber *

Director, Subdistrict 4, 4 year term (NE Salem)
Shelley Hanson (incumbent)

Director, Subdistrict 6, 4 year term (South Salem)
Robert “Bob” Krebs -- Krebs candidate website
Libby Barg

(* Both Hernandez and Barber are rumored to have withdrawn and did not participate in the SJ interviews. Hanson, running unopposed, also did not participate.)

The SJ endorsement interview had a weird twist: they had the two candidates for the 6th district split between the two sessions: Bob Krebs attended the first one (with the two remaining active candidates for the 3rd district), while Libby Barg attended the second one. So it may be tougher to compare those two candidates.

The district is making preparations for another round of service changes to try to cope with the failure to pass a levy three times in a row now. You can come to the open house meetings to learn more about the service changes. But you should also consider the candidates very carefully so that you can support the ones whom you think will do the most to preserve the system's viability.


lavachickie said...

I was searching for info on the candidates (position statements, etc.) but find nothing online except the video, which I'm having trouble watching. Am I missing some great source of information?

Walker said...

On the site where you find the video, if you look under "File Downloads" heading in the light-blue-shaded column on the right-hand-side (Today's comment brought to you by the Hyphen!) you can have six "brief" questionnaires submitted to the SJ.

This page has the same for the Keizer Times:

And, of course, there's your Marion County Voters' Guide.

Walker said...

And don't forget that Channel 21, CCTV, has a 30-minute program sponsored by the League of Women Voters and the two candidates for Cherriots district 3.