Monday, May 11, 2009

New books of note at Tea Party Bookshop

Bookseller and STIR member JoAnne notes some interesting new titles at Tea Party:

Gaia's Garden - Revised Edition - A Guide to Home Scale Permaculture - very well done, beautiful illustrations

A Nation of Farmers - Sharon Astyk - written by the same lady who wrote Depletion & Abundance. How growing food, raising chickens, etc. can overthrow industrial agriculture

Presidential Energy Policy - Michael Ruppert - author of Crossing the Rubicon, heard recently on KBOO. More on the end of oil, from a political/economic/military perspective

End of Money & the Future of Civilization - Thomas Greco - more on the economy and how to re-humanize it.

And some more practical books as well, home energy efficiency, cooking green, gardening.

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