Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taking control of development: preparing for a post-oil world

Taking control of development at the local level
by Christopher J. Ryan, AICP
The model of land development practiced today will surely be the scavenged ruins of tomorrow. Peak oil will guarantee this outcome...

Most people connected to the business of urban development like I am understand that decisions and action is driven by the availability of money, the developers that employ the money and turn a hefty profit, and the landowners that seek to maximize their return also. The lucrative nature of the business for practitioners who follow the formula (i.e. what has always worked thus strip shopping malls and cul-de-sac subdivisions in the exurbs) continues to drive sprawl and an enormous waste of land and resources clearly diametrically opposite to actions that should be taken to relocalize and become more resilient. What this amounts to is a criminal waste of dwindling precious resources at a time when we need to swiftly retool our communities in the face of peak oil and climate change. (more)

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