Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome, Friends! (Friends of Salem Saturday Market)

Excellent news. One of Salem's most charming attractions now has a non-profit auxiliary group, Friends of Salem Saturday Market, to build awareness and appreciation for the market:
Friends of Salem Saturday Market is a newly forming 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about our local farmers markets and want to increase awareness of the wide range and benefits of using locally produced products.
The purpose of Friends of Salem Saturday Market:

1. Provide outreach and education to the public on food production, nutrition, preservation and general cooking and food preparation

2. Collaborate with other community organizations to organize charitable and educational programs and activities in support of local, sustainable agriculture

3. Strengthen and encourage community support of local, sustainable agriculture in order to help preserve Oregon's unique agricultural heritage

4. Help provide a creative and vibrant community gathering place
And they're not just gazing fondly at the SSM -- they're bent on making it even better:

Upcoming Events at Salem Saturday Market

Canning and preservation demonstrations by Marion County’s OSU Extension
Knitting Day at Salem Saturday Market
Bike valet service
Produce tastings
Chef’s demonstrations
Education and outreach on topics ranging from nutrition to sustainable agriculture to crafts

Off-site Events
We will also host year-round events away from the Market, including tours of local farms employing sustainable practices and partnering with other local organizations.

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Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Glad you found us! Friends of Salem Saturday Market will debut at the Market on Saturday, June 6. In the meantime, catch us on Facebook and on Twitter (FriendsOfSSM). And we're updating our website daily: www.FriendsOfSalemSaturdayMarket.org. Got ideas? Email us at info@friendsofsalemsaturdaymarket.org.