Thursday, July 9, 2009

Peak Moment Conversations: Coming Soon to Salem's Public Access TV (CCTV)

The nice folks at Salem's own CCTV have agreed to broadcast an excellent series of shows, "Peak Moment Conversations," created and produced by two brilliant folks with lots of TV experience (so these shows are many orders of magnitude more professional -- and watchable -- than a few home-made shows you might have seen on cable-access TV before).

CCTV has provided a very nice schedule, with each program showing thrice: Fridays at 5 p.m., Saturdays at 4 p.m., and Mondays at 9 a.m., so no matter what your schedule is, one of those is bound to work for you (you may also have some sort of capability to "time shift" when you watch). There's an amazing amount of great material in these shows, which they continue to produce, so we'll probably just keep right on going.

Transition Salem sponsors this series as part of our ongoing and growing efforts to get more people involved in helping us prepare for and become more resilient in the rapidly emerging new world of peak oil/energy scarcity, carbon limits, and economic uncertainty.

Please tell your friends, co-workers, the people at church, your book group, your service club, your political friends, etc. about these shows and invite them to watch. Everyone who is concerned for the state of the world and its direction can enjoy these gentle, informative and often inspiring shows. Following is a description and some of the topics that will be shown:

Peak Moment Conversations - stories of local self reliance

Tour a suburban permaculture backyard, ride an electric bike, learn about renewables, car-sharing, intentional communities, and the elephant in the peak oil living room. "Peak Moment: Community Responses for a Changing Energy Future" showcases individuals and groups building resilient, local self-reliant communities responding to a collapsing economy, and accelerating energy and climate decline. The half-hour programs feature host Janaia Donaldson's in-studio conversations, field tours, and occasional presentation excerpts.

This program may not be about your specific community, but it's about everybody's communities in our global community. Stations and viewers tell us they love this show: it's personal, engaging, very local, inspirational, and informative.

And with the economic downturn -- it's timely. The heart of this program are stories told by people about their ideas and actions to live with a smaller footprint, to be connected to the earth and each another, to be more self-sufficient while they protect themselves and their families in the downturn.

The series (146 episodes as of June 2009) has aired for three years on about two dozen community access stations nationwide including Manhattan & Brooklyn NY, Sacramento, San Francisco, and mostly many smaller communities.

Notes to stations:

These programs are up front and personal, and production quality is quite good. It's produced by individuals in northern California with a community access TV background. Program DVDs are available for purchase at Target audience is people from teens on up: anybody who eats, drinks and breathes -- and is concerned about sustainability, humans, the economy, and life on the planet.

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Producer: Peak Moment Television

Episode Title
001 Conserving Farmland at Trabucco Ranch00:28:42.03
072 "What a Way to Go" - Meet the Filmmakers00:26:51.03
073 Post Carbon Cities - Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty00:28:01.00
074 San Francisco Takes Action on Climate Change00:28:04.00
075 Sustainable Connections - Transforming a Community Through Local Business00:28:02.00
076 City Repair - Permaculture for Urban Spaces00:27:38.00
077 Climate Change, Despair and Empowerment -- A Roadshow from "Down Under"00:27:58.00
080 An Innovative Program Helps Residents Protect Their Water00:27:59.00
081 A No-Nonsense Look at Climate Change and Petrocollapse00:27:36.50
082 People-Centered Developments for Reduced-Energy Living00:27:53.00
083 Practical Tools to Grow an Intentional Community00:27:25.00
084 Creating the Impossible - O.U.R. Ecovillage00:27:37.00
089 Affordable Homes Forever - Opal Community Land Trust00:27:12.00
090 What Can One Person Do?00:28:02.00
091 A Sustainability Renaissance Man00:28:02.00
092 A Community Car Share Hits the Road00:28:04.00
093 Mendocino Renegade00:27:55.50
094 Facilitating Economic Localization in Willits, California00:27:54.00
095 Economic Localization - A Community Rediscovering Itself00:27:27.00
096 Reconnecting with Our Roots - Food for Body and Soul00:27:03.00
097 Toward New Models of Shared Leadership00:27:49.50
098 Energy Independence -- America's Road Not Taken00:27:39.50
099 Hope Dances Eternal for this Media Maven00:27:44.00
100 Suburban Permaculture with Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg00:25:23.00
101 Energy and Climate Initiatives in Santa Barbara00:28:03.00
102 To Be of Use - Serving the Community00:28:04.00
103 Building An Ecologically Sensible Home00:27:41.00
105 For the Love of Trees00:27:55.50
106 Community Gardens Grow Community00:27:33.00
107 Plug-in Hybrids Power the Grid00:27:59.00
108 Sustainable Bellingham — Grassroots Organizing is Key00:27:59.00
109 Powering the Rain Shadow00:27:26.00
110 Preparing for Peak Oil00:27:35.50
111 We Make the Road by Walking00:27:50.00
112 Learning From the Collapse of Earlier Societies00:27:40.00
113 Designing the Next Generation Hybrid Jungers and Kaufman.mpg00:28:04.00
129 Meeting the Energy Challenge00:28:03.00
130 Oil and Gas — The Next Meltdown?00:27:02.00
131 Making Financial Sense of the Coming Energy Crisis00:27:48.00
132 Peak Oil and Its Effect on Climate Change00:21:28.00
133 Two View of a Post-Oil Future00:27:08.00
134 Shocks, Shortages, and Scenarios - Planning for a Post-Oil Future00:21:07.00
135 Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation00:28:03.50
136 Energy Investment - Energy Return00:27:26.00
137 Peak Oil - Politics, Geopolitics and Choke Points00:26:55.00
138 The Twilight of an Age00:25:10.00
139 The Transition Movement Comes to America00:27:34.00
140 Transit on Demand (Have Cell Will Travel)00:27:40.00
141 Creating a Home Graywater System00:27:59.00
142 Energy Coop Brings Power to the People00:28:02.00
143 Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists00:25:56.00
144 Local Living Economies — Protecting What We Love

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