Friday, July 24, 2009

Yet another recall showing why we need to encourage MORE local food production

A plum treePlum tree laden with fruit. With some creative thinking, Salem could create a vast supply of healthy & inexpensive food for the Food Bank and for the Saturday Market just by putting fruit trees in parking strips and starting an "adopt-a-tree" program to ensure the fruit is tended and harvested. Image via Wikipedia

Another industrial phood nightmare, another reminder that what people in Salem need is more encouragement and support for growing or buying locally grown food that has never joined the industrial phood system.

That means encouraging backyard and frontyard gardening, replacing street trees with fruit trees, community gardens, support for small market gardeners just starting out, and, yes, allowing residents to keep some hens.

Don't know how to get started? Call Your Home Harvests.

UPDATE: Great article on how the industrial phood system has mastered the arts of using our evolved tastes against us.
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Snarfy said...

This is awesome! I picked a plum from a tree in an alley today thinking it was a grape.. yeah.. not a grape LOL! Not rip, either! Obviously I didn't know that grapes only grow on vines.

This is a great idea.