Monday, August 17, 2009

Join Friends of Salem Saturday Market and get great, behind the scenes access to delicious local food!

Why join Friends of Salem Saturday Market?

Well, in addition to being cool, and some neat trinkets for members at higher donation levels (BPA-free water bottles, cool little nylon stuffsack market bags, etc.), all members also get to meet the growers on their home turf. We've already enjoyed a wonderful tour of Oak Villa Farm with local fruit, vegetable and egg man Dan Rosado of Dallas, Oregon. Next up, a members-only tour that's even MORE local -- Salem's own Minto Island Growers!
For those of you who are members, SAVE THE DATE! Elizabeth Miller and Chris Jenkins of Minto Island Growers are graciously hosting a Farm Tour for Friends of Salem Saturday Market members on the last Saturday in September, Sept. 26th, at 5 p.m. Sounds like they will be overwhelmed with tomatoes, corn and squash — plus lots of other yummy things will be seen on the tour. We’re still in the planning stages about the food that will be served to members, but rest assured, it will be delicious (and directly from the ground!)

For those of you who aren’t members yet… sign up now! Only members of the Friends of Salem Saturday Market (those who paid $10, $25 or $50) are invited on the tour. Find a membership form on our Web site or stop by our booth on Saturdays.

This is your opportunity to meet local farmers, find out how they grow your food, and find out more about what’s in season at the end of September.

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