Saturday, August 1, 2009

New brewpub in NE Salem??

Growing HopsHops -- the source of the phrase "hopped up?" Image by joelplutchak via Flickr

The nice folks who run the Willamette Noodle Company (whose veggie mac and cheese is to die or even murder for) have put a cryptic hint in their newsletter that suggests that we may have even more to love about Salem soon --- a new brewpub would be my guess (since grapes grow in Colombia too):
Boy you are all a curious bunch! Yes, something new is still "Brewing" for our little Broadway location... and the hints will start soon as to what's coming! Awww... what the heck - I'll give you one now. If I was a betting woman I would pick something that is brewed with something grown in Oregon as opposed to, say, Columbia [sic]. :) Happy guessing!

Janet & Robert
Willamette Noodle Company

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KandN said...

What if they did something unexpected and what if you could call sauerkraut or other types of German dishes brewing? Yeah, I'm reaching, but reaching can be fun :>)