Friday, August 28, 2009

Spend a few hours this weekend doing some good

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And get rewarded with better health and happiness and some nice fruit to boot!
We are getting calls daily from people in our counties wanting people to come harvest produce from their yards and gardens. Our current list is posted below. If you would like to help bring in harvest from any of these sites, please call the person first and get the specific time and address. You will be entering their property at your own risk. You may keep some produce for yourself. We cannot distribute any fruit that has fallen on the ground. Please take the food you have picked for the Food Share to the closest food pantry or to Marion Polk Food Share at 1660 Salem Industrial Drive. We ask that you have it weighed there, if possible. You may find a list of Food Pantries at our website Thank you in advance for volunteering to help bring the harvest to the hungry!
  • 8/24 J. Shrum 503-743-2776 Verda Lane Overabundance of pears on one large tree. Have ladders, bring boxes.
  • 8/26 J. Abel 503-581-8371 Jelden St NE One pear tree, one large blueberry bush. Has boxes.
  • 8/24 T. Freety 503-507-0729 Laurel Ave NE One large pear tree. Has ladder, bring boxes. No spray.
  • 8/26 L. Engstrom 503-378-7055 Doaks Ferry Rd NW Large pear tree. No spray. Has ladder. Can get boxes.
  • 8/25 D. Gleason 503-986-5640 21st St. NE One plum tree. No ladder. Can get boxes.
  • 8/24 Melrose Farm 503-362-2398 72nd Ave, Aumsville. Blueberries. No boxes.
  • 8/24 D. Rundell 503-363-4305 Idylwood Dr. SE One pear tree. Bring boxes.
  • 8/24 B. Wright 503-581-3340 Brink Ave. SE One pear tree. Has ladder. Has 5 gal buckets.
  • 8/24 Sheryl 503-371-9061 Filbert tree.
  • 8/27 Eagan Gardens 503-393-2131 River Road NE. Pear orchard. No spray. Has ladders. No boxes.
  • 8/24 M Steiber 503-588-7048 Gravenstein apples.
  • 8/24 S. Diaz 503-269-0189. One pear tree.
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