Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why we won't miss the Statesman-Journal when it follows the Seattle P-I and Rocky Mountain Daily News

DENVER - FEBRUARY 27:  A newspaper box sits em...Coming soon to Salem. Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Wow. Just wow. We hear a lot about the collapse of the "mainstream media" and how their advertising revenue is eroding almost as fast as their subscriber base. You wonder if you should be concerned, but then you hit on a "story" like this and you know that, like the dinosaurs they are so often compared to, their disappearance will make room for much smarter, nimbler species.
Recently, misinformation about the proposal began to surface, prompting the city to set up a Q&A document on its Web site.
Too bad the cliched, passive-voice-adopting SJ doesn't bother letting people know what "misinformation" has "surfaced" (which way to the beach?) out there, nor do they bother examining any of the statements in the city's "Q&A" document.

Back when newspapers mattered, editors told reporters to trust no one, particularly if they stood to gain from a certain outcome. "If your mother says she loves you, check it out" was the rule. Now it's "If a bureaucratic official says something, just copy it down and run it."
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Anonymous said...

I love this! All of your editorial on this subject is right on. I'll be there Monday, with bells. We can't let this happen. The things that make Salem beautiful are not for sale.

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE this and LOVE reading your blogs about the subject. I tried recruiting supporters on my Facebook page and I think I failed miserably. I also sent the city council an e-mail I would gladly forward to you if I had your e-mail address. I assume the meeting tonight is public - too bad my husband gets embarrassed when I speak out. I DID get support from one council member from Ward 1. And, I think our neighbor - who represents Ward 7 is also on our side. Wish there was something more I could do . . .