Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Awful Truth: People who complain about traffic ARE the traffic

Capitol Building in Salem, OregonEver notice how postcard pictures never feature the one thing that our city gives more thought and money to than anything else . . .? (Making people defer to cars.) If it's such a good idea, why do we not like it? Image by adam79 via Flickr

Another great summary of the futility of trying to make cities for cars instead of people:

"The traffic you have is a matter of how much asphalt you have," said Gehl, who in his four-decade career has studied and supported the transformation of Copenhagen into one of the most bike-friendly sustainable cities in the world.

The temporary bike racks outside Persephone Theatre were nearly full Monday and Tuesday nights as people from across Western Canada gathered to hear the world-renowned architect deliver two sold-out presentations.

Making car drivers "happy when they are driving and happy when they stop" has been the No. 1 priority in planning cities for years, Gehl said. The "car invasion" will get worse every year until something is done.

"If you invite more driving, you have more driving," he said.

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