Thursday, September 3, 2009

Salem police officer shoots, kills pit bull running amok

Reading this story we can be thankful that Salem has its priorities straight and freely allows dogs that terrify and sometimes maim or even kill people while protecting us from the terror of urban hens!
Police responded to a report of the dog running loose and charging passers-by near Liberty Elementary School at 7 p.m., Salem Police Lt. Keith Blair said.

Officer Jacob Pratt found the pit bull at its owner's home in the 4900 block of Liberty Road S and called for backup and an animal-control stick to contain the dog, Blair said. While he waited, the dog charged Pratt, who fatally shot it, Blair said.

Investigation led police to determine that the dog had lunged at several people and that one woman had to dodge out of the dog's way to avoid being bitten, Blair said.

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