Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Saturday: Walking Tour of Salem (starts @ Tea Party Bookshop 10 a.m.)

Nice. A guided tour of Salem and a stop at the Salem Saturday Market for lunch and to pick up groceries . . . a good day! Tea Party Bookshop owner Joanne Kohler writes:
One morning, Tyler Burgess walked into the store with her book, Oregon Townscape Walks, and I was instantly charmed. Hand written and illustrated, the book guides you through 22 different townships in the Willamette Valley, pointing out historical facts and walking you past cute houses and other points of interest. What better way to get to know Tyler and her book than by going on one of the walks? Plus, you get a different perspective on our fair city.

The walk is free - meet at the store at 10am on Saturday the 19th, and be sure to pick up a copy of Oregon Townscapes Walks to keep going on your own!


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

For some fabulous self-guided & virtual walking tours of Salem, check out Scroll down & you'll find the walking tours on the right. They're a great resource put together by Virginia Green & Tom Green.

Emily said...

Wish I could go... I had seen that book at the Book Bin -- it has a nice, hand-drawn, DIY charm to it. I kind of wish it were Tyler Durden giving the tour, though.

Walker said...

Who is Tyler Durden?

Emily said...

Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club.

Lisa Anne said...

I went and got the book today. thought it would be cool to review it if nothing else. So far it looks pretty cute. I think her map in Eugene is a little off though (confusing Skinner & Spencer Butte) Maybe Virginia and Tom should make a little book and sell it in a couple of local book stores. I'd get it! Or, I guess I could just print off my own from the web....too lazy.

Walk With Me, Tyler Burgess said...

As Lisa Anne points out, it is easy to confuse Skinner and Spencer Butte in Eugene. My book, "Oregon Townscape Walks", does correctly identify Skinner Butte. One way to remember which is which, is Eugene Skinner had a land donation claim, which included the butte, now called Skinner. It is the smaller butte near the Willamette River.
Spencer Butte is the larger butte to the south, overlooking Eugene. It was named Spencer for an Englishman who was trapping furs with a party working for the Hudson Bay Co. One night they camped near the butte and Spencer went to hike up it. They found his body the next morning, scalped and shot with arrows.
Years later an old Kalapooia Indian told the story of following the trappers for days with a small hunting party, intending to steal the horses. When Spencer went out on his own, they got his scalp instead.
Hopefully, these stories will help you remember which butte is which!

Walker said...

"It's a butte."

"Right purty, too."

(Firesign Theatre)