Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Well observed

"bicycle friendly"...sometimesA ghost bike, a monument to yet another rider killed by a car. Image by drburtoni via Flickr

The very good "Breakfast on Bikes" blog has a good piece on the unfortunately situated Kroc Center.
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Snarfy said...

Link takes me to a flikr page!

Walker said...

Fixed. I hope.

Me blog pretty one day.

Snarfy said...

Thanks Walker :D

Yeah.. even for those who drive as their primary source of transportation (like, my family :D) the place is so crappily located. Not only do I get lost every time I try to get over to that area (since all the roads are curvy, so you think you are going the right way...) but getting across portland road is total hell, even in a car. I can't imagine letting my kids bike or walk across it when they get older.