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Where's the Salem version?

Salem City Hall from across the pondHow sadly fitting that the most prominent front features of our city hall are parking garages that obscure the parts where the people are. Image by Jason McHuff via Flickr

The Sustainability Commission works to create a healthy community now and in the future by proposing measurable solutions to pressing environmental, social and economic concerns to the City of Eugene, its partners and its people.

Eugene Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission was created in March 2007, following a recommendation from the Mayor's Sustainable Business Initiative taskforce. The commission focus is on all three aspects of sustainability - social equity, environmental health and economic prosperity.

The first meeting of the commission was held in late November 2007. The commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month, usually in the Bascom/Tykeson rooms of the downtown Public Library, 100 West 10th Street. Meetings generally start at 5:30 pm and end at 8:30 pm. Sustainability Commission meetings are always open to the public and include public comment time where you may offer comment or suggestions to the commission.

The commission acts as a policy advisory body to the council and city manager in the initiation or development of programs that will create or enhance sustainable practices within the community. The commission will advise on policy matters related to:

  • Sustainable practices;
  • Businesses that produce sustainable products and services;
  • City building design and infrastructure; and
  • Related issues that directly affect sustainability efforts considered by the city council

As outlined in the Ordinance that established the commission the commission shall:

  1. Make recommendations to the council and city manager for the programs or actions designed to implement the recommendations contained in the Sustainable Business Initiative Task Force report as accepted by the city council on October 23, 2006;
  2. Create and present an annual work plan to the city council;
  3. Meet annually with the city council to secure approval of the work plan;
  4. Provide a forum for addressing public concerns related to sustainable practices;
  5. Work on sustainability related policies as directed by the council and city manager;
  6. Provide input on sustainability policies and practices that reflect community values; and
  7. Assist the city council and city manager in balancing community priorities and resources by advising them on sustainability issues.

The first appointees to the commission will serve various terms of 2, 3 or 4 years. After this first term all members will serve a four year term, with the exception of the councilor who shall serve during the term of office. All members are limited to serving two consecutive terms.

Community Requests

The Sustainability Commission receives many different requests for endorsement, sponsorship or participation in projects. In order to be able to fairly evaluate these requests the commission asks that you provide a brief summary of your request, answering the questions in the community request form in no more than two pages. The commission needs the completed forms two weeks prior to commission meetings so they can review the requests. Requests received at commission meetings will be considered at the following meeting, to allow time for review.

For more information about the commission and past meeting agendas and minutes visit the City of Eugene website

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