Monday, September 21, 2009

Whoa -- who knew?

iMac 24" vs iMac 17" Series, no.2Image by Dale Gillard via Flickr

Did you know that Salem has a Mac Store in Lancaster Mall?

UPDATE: Well, that was disappointing. The Applecare folks sent me to this Mac store to swap my defective mouse, but the Mac store wouldn't make a swap ... all they would do is ship it to Apple (just like I could) and I would be without a mouse at all while waiting -- at least if I go through Apple they send me the replacement before asking for the other one back. I realize that this store is not an Apple-owned store, but it seems that they ought to be able to use my Applecare case number and accept my return. When I was in the store I decided to buy the Parallels software there to thank them for the service --- guess I'll just buy it online instead, since there was no service other than to tell me to go to Bridgeport.

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lavachickie said...

They used to be on Ferry, then moved to Lancaster across from the mall, and then created that swanky beautiful space inside the mall.

The staff there is great, their selection of accessories is okay, and they are really helpful.

I knew they were in town before I even moved to Salem.

I've been in there the most for warranty work. The big problem is that since they aren't officially an APPLE store, sometimes they get shafted when Apple runs a big promo that is only available through APPLE stores. These guys don't get access to it. Bummer.

Walker said...

Well, it's warranty stuff that caused me to discover them. The "very-much-less-than-Mighty-Mouse" is due for its semiannual replacement as the scroll ball fails on these things regularly. It's the one design kludge I've ever experienced with Apple. It's only an annoyance now -- it's going to be a real pain when my Applecare free replacements run out.

Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

I was dissapointed when they left downtown and moved to Lancaster. I was disguisted when they left Lancaster and moved to the mall! Ick. All moves in the wrong direction!

Walker said...

Well, I had the same thought . . . their location in the mall means that they might as well have been on Mars. I just happened to ask the Applecare person on the phone if there was an Apple store where I could swap the mouse anywhere closer than Portland. Turns out there is this Mac store and a Corvallis Mac store.

But I'm loathe to criticize a small business for choosing a location if it works for them, even though I would normally rather drink Drano than enter Lancaster Mall. I would have thought Salem Center would have been just as good, but I would guess the people who live and die by the decision probably weighed their options before choosing the Sprawlmall.

Snarfy said...

I knew! But it is my local mall. I like it, they are nice in there. I also like Lancaster Mall better than Salem Center, because Salem Center is split up and ugly, and I always get lost... where as Lancaster is one long oval that is pretty hard to get lost in :)