Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dept. of Inadvertant Admissions

A house for rentImage by road_less_trvled via Flickr

Washington Post headline writer appears to understand the new reality better than most:
Prolonging Home Buyer Tax Credit Will Prolong Recovery
What does it mean when something that is supposedly the "American Dream" and that is already subsidized up the wazoo has to grab even more subsidies from the public purse at a time when that purse is full of nothing but IOUs?

What America needs is to do less fixating on increasing "home ownership" and a lot more thinking about how to stop subsidizing sprawl and how to improve the quality and habitability of rental units, starting with giving renters rights to make and recover their investments in conservation and efficiency improvements. As a society we treat renters like shiftless drifters and then we bemoan renters who are "not like us" and who won't invest in their neighborhoods.
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