Sunday, October 4, 2009

He's right: Strong Public Option or nothing

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Jack Lohman of Wisconsin

60 Votes????

Now they have them, and the Dems are in a more awkward position than ever. They don't want the power. They can pass meaningful healthcare reform if they want, but that's exactly what their funders don't want. So passing it makes them the enemy and not the R's.

We are in a difficult position. IF reform passes we want it to have a strong public option. But all indications are that it will have a mandate, a gigantic transfer of wealth from the lower- and middle-income people to the insurance industry.

Without the Public Option we should strive for nothing at all. Let's restart and protect the 15% that are uninsured and unemployed, and then move to a single payer system.

Remember that even when we get single payer, the battle is not over. The insurance companies are continuing to undermine the Canadian and UK systems, and they'll chip away at single payer even when installed here.

That's the way our corrupt political system works.

If the Dems were smart, they'd realize that they'd no longer need campaign cash if they just voted for the best interests of the country. Good health care and campaign reform would lock them in for decades.

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