Friday, October 2, 2009

League of Women Voters meeting on health care issues for action, 10/8

All-Member Meeting: Health Care Issues for Action

What should a health care system in the U.S. look like? In the national debate there has been much misinformation, so the League of Women Voters of Marion and Polk Counties (LWVMPC) Health Care interest group has put together a public meeting on the topic to be held on Thursday, October 8, at 7 p.m. in the First Congregational Church, 700 Marion St. NE.

The program will combine education with action, beginning with education.

  • Since the League already has a position in support of health care availability to all U.S. citizens, the program will begin with excerpts of that position from the LWV of the U.S. (LWVUS) Impact on Issues. Hand-out materials will be provided.

  • Two films will offer information about the current way that Americans receive health care: a video of Wendell Potter interviewed by Bill Moyers about why he left Cigna Corporation and Sicko, a documentary by Michael Moore about the variable availability of health care in the U.S. Dr. Andy Harris will answer questions.

The evening will end with action--an explanation of what LWVMPC is doing locally, including plans for a Guest Opinion in the Statesman Journal and possible future forums. This action is based on the LWVUS position in support of a national health care system. Attendees will be encouraged to do individual action, such as contacting their members of Congress and writing personal letters to the editor (letters that do not mention the League, since only the president or her designate can speak for the League).

The Health Care interest group is composed of Anita Owen, Jan Markee, Sandra Gangle, Cindy Burgess, Roz Shirack, Jean Sherbeck, Diana Bodtker, Kathy Pugh, and Rose Lewis.

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