Thursday, October 1, 2009

Straining at gnats while ignoring the black monster devouring Oregon's future

This is troubling -- it's apparently much easier to rally people against proposed LNG pipelines in Western Oregon than it is to get them to even realize that death-dealing, radioisotope and mercury-emitting, climate destabilizing coal burned in Eastern Oregon is the PRIMARY source of their electricity (coal is the single largest fuel source for PGE's electricity).

In other words, people will get all outraged at the possibility of "foreign LNG" while relying extensively on "foreign coal" (100% of Boardman's coal is from the Powder River Basin).

The good people at the Salem Progressive Film Series should be sure to make their panelists explain why they're more exercised about LNG than they are about coal, the enemy of the human race.

One of these panelists, Bill Bradbury, is running for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Oregon. He should definitely be made to explain how he squares his work on climate with his tacit support for continuing to burn coal.

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