Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marion-Polk Food Share's Community Gardens Program

Merits your support. As we greet an uncertain future, the best thing we can do to help ourselves and our neighbors is keep the wolf of hunger away, preferably in a way that empowers people right here in Salem to take responsibility and pride in providing a more just, humane world.

We need community gardens in every Salem neighborhood and especially big and vibrant ones at every school and church, where members of those institutions can work with local people to ensure that everyone has access to enough food. We will all need the skills that are being lost as the older generation---the one that grew up when Victory Gardens were cool the first time--passes on and the younger folks don't know what to do with basic staple foods.

We live in what could be an agricultural paradise, but only if we start realizing that grass should only be grown in small areas and that, for most buildings, the most beautiful landscaping is the one that helps fight hunger.