Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Whacked Priorities

What a mess --- Salem's got millions and millions to give to consultants to prepare a draft environmental impact statement for the third bridge boondoggle, but we can't keep the buses running on weekends or keep the library collections up to snuff, to the point where we're even turning away offers to DONATE subscriptions.
Thank you for your offer to purchase a gift subscription of "Chess Life" for the library. Normally, we process all subscriptions in August of every year, as we submit our requests to a supplier that manages all subscriptions in one order. Unfortunately, however, this year budget cuts forced us to refrain from adding any new subscriptions (including gifts) as the costs for maintaining and processing magazines is the primary expense we have in periodicals. Regrettably, we were also forced to cut nearly one-third of our current subscriptions (including gifts) in order to meet our budget this year, due to constraints in the city budget.

Thank you for your offer, however, and we will keep your email and offer on file for some time when we have more flexibility in our magazine subscriptions.

Recycle yourself too -- it's important

There's an awful lot wrong with the way we do "health care" in Oregon and in the US --- it's wildly expensive and we exclude many of the people who most need health coverage from having any because--that's right--they need health coverage! We routinely spend millions trying to deal with the effects of our failing public health infrastructure and the fraying of the social safety net that used to keep people at some basic level of health.

All that aside, the transplantation systems that have developed are a wonder and deserve your support. It's a sin that there are people buried with vital organs that could be used to restore another person's eyesight or give them many more years with their families.

So remember, recycle yourself too!

Oooh-oooh! Berry Pruning Workshop @ Oregon Garden

Berry Pruning Workshop
February 7th , 9am to 1pm
For those interested in home orchard gardening, Dr Bernadine Strik will teach proper berry pruning techniques. The hands-on workshop will focus on a variety of berries, including blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries, currants and more. Cost $15, Garden members $10. Registration 503-874-8100. (pre-registration preferred)