Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chicken is on the Menu in Northeast Neighbors!

The NEN (Northeast Neighbors) Association is having its regular Monday 0700 red-eye meeting this coming Monday, February 2 at the usual place (Willson House, 1625 Center St. NE, follow the signs to the meeting room) and CITY (Chickens in the Yard) is on the menu! --- er, agenda.

So if you live in the NEN area (Salem neighborhood associations map) and your eyeballs function at 0700, why not attend the meeting and show some love for the idea of letting people have a good source of safe, inexpensive, high-nutrition food and soil improvement/waste recycling services (chickens, in other words).

And if you don't live in NEN, why not check out your neighborhood association and see if CITY will be making a presentation in your area as well? We're going to need support from all areas.