Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cool -- a way to precisely target your help for kids and teachers

Help Teachers and Students Across the Country

Everyone knows about Kiva, but what happens when the call for help comes from our own back yard?  All across America, public schools in poorer districts lack the budget for supplies and materials.  Teachers have had to dig into their own pockets to come up with the cash for essential items (a practice so prevalent nationwide that the government allows teachers a $250 deduction on their tax returns for just this reason), but now there's another way.

You can help students and teachers in public schools by going and finding a class in need of particular items.  The class teacher posts a short piece indicating exactly what materials are needed, why they're needed, and how much they will cost.  Donate either the whole amount (most are under $250) or a portion.  When the class purchases the materials (thanks to your donation), students will take photographs of themselves with the items your donations bought and send the photographs to you. 

It's that easy.  Go.

Another documentary on an an endangered species

A brilliant short documentary (about 2.5 minutes) on a very endangered species, especially in these parts.