Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In an apartment or otherwise without access to space for a garden?

Then you should check this out. While there are grounds for reservations about soil-less growing systems (such as the fact that we don't fully understand how trace minerals that come from natural soil influence our health and the nutrition profile of plants), there's simply no doubt that, given a choice between no garden and an indoor soil-less garden (hydroponic or aeroponic), you are much better off with the soil-less garden.

People need to wake up to some hard facts: The economy isn't in a "downturn," and it's not going to "pick up" anytime soon. The sad truth is that we have experienced the first in what are likely to be many economic contractions driven by the fact that our demand for resources is overwhelming our ability to extract them and to manage the waste products of all that consumption. And all the theorizing in the world about economic stresses won't take your mind off the fact that you're hungry if you haven't made provisions to grow some food.

Even if your living situation means you can't take many steps for food security (such as convert your lawn to growing food, planting fruit and nut trees, learning to put food by), you can still grow fresh greens indoors, and those greens can make a positive difference, both for your family's diet and for giving you something to trade with.

Important Idea: Green our transport infrastructure with stimulus money

1000 Friends has an important letter to Gov. Kulongoski here.

For those who have thought of Pringling

They're trying to figure out why sales are dead. Respond to if you like. If you've looked at Pringle Creek and want to comment here, that's also welcome.
Thank you for your previous interest in Pringle Creek Community.

We were hoping that you would assist us by sharing some of your thoughts and opinions about the community.

Below are a few questions that specifically interest us:

- Have you visited Pringle Creek Community before? If so, what were your first impressions?
- What do you like / dislike about the community?
- Are you still considering becoming a part of the community?
- What has prevented you from becoming part of the Pringle Creek Community to date?
- What would need to happen for you to consider building a home a Pringle Creek Community (e.g. new pricing, change in the economy, view a model home, have a built home to purchase, etc)?

If you would like to discuss your thoughts over the phone please do not hesitate to contact me at 503.400.1322.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful response. Your opinion is extremely valuable to Pringle Creek Community.

Mckenzie Farrell
Pringle Creek Community
T: 503.400.1322

Salem, Oregon Stimulus Watch

How many of these "shovel ready" projects (gag, the new jargon) reflect the new reality of scarce energy, rising energy prices, and the need to radically reduce greenhouse emissions?

A Worthy Cause

Salem has a group, Friends of Two Bridges, working on an important issue: finishing up the Union Street ped/bike bridge and getting a ped/bike connection from Riverfront Park to Minto Island. They have a web presence now, so check 'em out and help out if you can.

How to Contribute:

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Salem Parks Foundation, P.O. box 5764, Salem, OR 97304 and put a note on there earmarking your gift for Friends of Two Bridges.

OR, even easier:

Got an American Express card? You can sign up to use Giving Express to make one-time or monthly contributions using your AMEX card, so you don't have to write a check or find a stamp. There are over 1,000,000 nonprofits working on a plethora of issues registered with Giving Express. The Salem Parks Foundation is listed -- in fact, it took less than two minutes to find the listing for Salem Parks Foundation and to give a $5 monthly gift earmarked for Friends of Two Bridges via Giving Express.

(Note that plenty of other worthy Salem area nonprofits are listed there too -- so check it out.)

Speaking of electric bikes

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