Saturday, March 21, 2009

Think of this whenever you start your car or book a flight

Why we fight, updated for the new century.

Winter might be an era, not just a season

Nice slide show here.

Sanyo Eneloop Bikes + Cherriots + This Idea = Great Stuff

Soon coming to Salem: Sanyo, makers of the cool Eneloop Bikes.

Already in Salem:
  • Some reasonably hellish hills, especially if it's at all warm or if you are wearing any kind of businesslike clothing.

  • A transit system in great need of an expanded sense of purpose and improved morale.

  • An opportunity to learn from experiments like this and to improve on them.
Put those elements together and what could we get? A great opportunity for LOVE in Salem -- a bikesharing system with Sanyo bikes, organized, managed and maintained by local bikeshops with coordination and backup service from Cherriots, and reduced driving for all!