Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A first: a repeat posting

This movie is so good, so important, that it merits a repost to draw your attention, along with this comment (from The Oil Drum):
[A]t the very end of the HOMEPROJECT video:


they list Glenn Close as the narrator, and that Lester Brown was one of the scientific advisers. It sort of all fits together - the topics covered are also the main ones that Brown talks about in his "Plan B 3.0" book.

Good short video on why peak oil matters

Good Idea: Natl. Academy of Science study of peak oil (petition)

View from Hubbert's Peak prefaceImage by n2teaching via Flickr

Understanding peak oil - Why we need the national academy of sciences to study peak oil (petition)

by Phyllis Sladek

Peak Oil: Our need for immediate scientific investigation – and action

A growing number of international geologists and analysts warn of a looming catastrophe with the onset of the decline in the global supply of oil (2). Likewise, reports by several federal agencies, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, point to the need for immediate action, because the foreseeable impacts on our infrastructure and economy are without precedent (3).

Please sign our petition, calling on President Obama and Congress to direct an immediate scientific investigation by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Peak Oil will present our Nation with multiple and continuing crises that will require hard decisions. With a near-term peak, for example, we face the likelihood of shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel, along with the problem of how to allocate limited supplies. Beyond the direct effect on the movement of people and goods, we might well have difficulty maintaining components of our vital infrastructure such as roads, pipelines and the electrical grid. (4).

The National Academy of Sciences is the only source that can provide unbiased and authoritative answers to the questions of how to manage in the era of the “remorseless decline” in available oil and natural gas. The Academies occupy a special place, due to their unique history and mission as the scientific advisors to the Nation (5).

The Academies will have the opportunity to lay out the pieces of the peak oil crises in a clear overview that can provide a factual basis for the emotionally difficult reality we face. We can make our political process work for us to make changes in oil use and energy policy – and influence other nations to do the same…before it is too late.

This complete picture of “peak oil”, along with the Academies recommendations for policy guidelines, can galvanize our top political leaders to dramatically change the course of world history.

Our petition specifically asks for these specific and positive directions, so we will know what constructive actions might be taken at the national, state and local levels on short notice, such as community-based emergency plans and bolstering local food production.

Please sign our petition asking President Obama and Congress to act now.

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