Saturday, June 20, 2009

Powering the Future

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This is a short version of a talk that Dr. Lewis has been giving for some time. Worth your time.

For an older, fuller version, find the talk here.

See also "Out of Gas" by Dr. David Goodstein, Provost at CalTech.
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Like to watch things circle the drain?

Cherriots bus at Salem's Courthouse Square Tra...Better take your bike with you, because the buses will stop so early (7 p.m.) that you're likely to be stranded otherwise. Image via Wikipedia

If you can ignore the infuriating passive voice ("service reduction is needed," "a system redesign is being proposed"), you can notice that there's still a few days left to weigh in on the service amputations that will render our already anemic bus system even scrawnier and less able to support the community.
For the Salem-Keizer Transit Board Meeting of June 25, 2009 Agenda Item #F.4

You can contact all the Transit Board Members use

An overall service reduction is needed by September 2009 in order for the cost of service provided by the Salem Area Mass Transit District to be covered by annual revenues received and to stay within budget. As a result a system redesign is being proposed to not only address the budget issue also long-term ongoing issues with inefficiencies in the current system

Salem Area Mass Transit District
Bus Routes Redesign – Information for our Customers

The following information is for use with customers who have questions about the bus system redesign or specific questions about their routes.

Questions & Answers

When will the final decision on the bus routes redesign be made?

  • No decision has been made yet.

  • The Board of Directors will make a final decision at their Thursday, June 25 meeting (6:30 PM, Senator Hearing Room, Courthouse Square, 555 Court Street NE.)

  • Everyone is welcome to come to this meeting

  • No formal public testimony on the bus routes redesign will be taken at this meeting.

  • The meeting can also be watched on CCTV Channel 21 or by video streaming on their website at at 6:30 PM
Where can I get more information?
  • The Board agenda packet with information about the bus routes redesign will be available on our website by Friday, June 19:

  • Maps showing bus routes redesign scenarios can be seen on our website: Go to the Current Updates section to view a redesign presentation.
How can I talk with Cherriots staff or board members about the bus routes redesign process?

Appointments to talk or meet with staff can be made. A representative from the Transportation Development Division will contact customers to make appointments. (Get the caller/visitors contact information.)
  • Name: ________________________________________

  • Phone number and/or email address: ___________________
  • Best time to call them back: _________________________
Customers can email Board or staff directly with their opinions, questions or concerns: Staff email:
Board of Directors email:

How will I be informed of the new bus system routes?

The Salem Area Mass Transit District Board will make a decision about the bus system redesign on June 25. Information will be:
  • Posted on our website
  • Available on the buses and at bus stops
  • Mailed to customers
  • Available at the Transit Mall Customer Service Center
Important Upcoming Dates for the Bus Routes Redesign to be aware of:
  • June 19 -- Board meeting agenda packet with information about bus routes redesign options available on our website:
  • June 25 -- Board picks a bus routes scenario.
  • July–August Information distributed to public about new routes.
  • September 4 Last day of bus service on existing routes.
  • September 8 First day of new bus service with new routes and frequencies.
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