Thursday, July 2, 2009

Inspiring photo

One of nine inspiring photos for urban gardeners, each worth many thousands of words - now THOSE are raised beds!

LOVESalem HQ just got new hardiplank cement siding affixed with honking big spikes fired into firring strips that are spiked to the cinderblocks, so that will probably support a TON of these, with drip lines run up to and across each "bed" (gutter) to for all kinds of smallish things that will love the heat reflected off the insulated wall.

And this has gotta be great accessible gardening for older/disabled people who can't garden at ground level or in low raised beds.

This is one of those palm-in-forehead "Why didn't I think of that!" things . . .

HOME: the best video ever put over the Internet

Melting iceberg photographed from a Bell 212 h...This is your planet on fossil fuels. Image via Wikipedia

Just watched this astounding production yet again. Profoundly moving, profoundly beautiful, profoundly disturbing. Please set aside some time to watch it - a little more than 90 minutes -- though if you watch with an open mind, it will take you far longer to get it out of your head.
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