Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A prescient warning ignored

SSN-JIMMY-CARTER-SeaWolf-Class_020305USS Jimmy Carter. Image by MATEUS_27:24&25 via Flickr

Today is the 30-year anniversary of the speech where a US president did what so many claim to want politicians to do: Tell the honest truth without sugarcoating and spin.

Would that we listened. Instead America chose to replace that president with a clown of many promises at the next opportunity, warning politicians for generations that honesty, while perhaps a the best policy, is one best left to your opponents.
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Salem & Hens in Wall St Journal

A permanent backyard chicken coopImage via Wikipedia

The Wall St. Journal has a piece on the debate about re-allowing hens in Salem residential zones.

A blog post from North Carolina shows that Salem doesn't have the market cornered on baseless fears and hysteria over hens.

A comment at "The Oil Drum" on this WSJ story:

No need to wait for peak oil, climate change, economic depression, etc., to play out and see which communities will be winners and which will be losers. You can put places like Salem, Ore. in the "losers" column right now.

Any place that can't even see fit to allow its residents to keep a few chickens is already so far behind where they need to be that it is highly unlikely that they'll ever turn around in time.

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Remind me again? Why do we have to build more stuff for cars?