Sunday, October 11, 2009

If you haven't seen SICKO yet . . . don't miss it!

Cover of "Sicko (Special Edition)"Cover of Sicko (Special Edition)

With the insurance company parasites -- the blood-engorged leeches who suck the lifeblood out of sick and injured people in order to lavish wealth on a tiny few -- fighting like cornered rats to deny the public any semblance of real reform, it's important that people are reminded of the horror stories that our dysfunctional health care financing "system" inflicts on everyday Americans. And it's important to everyone know that there is another way.

Many, many people left the theaters in tears and enraged after seeing SICKO -- and that's just the intensity we have to regain if we're to get anywhere with reform. So don't miss it!
You're Invited!
Join us for Marion County Dem's First MOVIE NITE [sic] SOCIAL!
No Charge; Donations Accepted
Wednesday, October 14, 7 PM
It's all happening at Marion Dems Headquarters,
250 Liberty SE, Salem.

This month's features:
Michael Moore's "SICKO"
PLUS... SNEAK PREVIEW OF a 'must see' health care documentary!
And plan to attend the "We're Counting on You!" rally earlier that same day if you can (RSVP at the link):

'We're counting on you!' Rally

Front steps of the Capitol (across from the Capitol Mall), 900 Court Street (Map)
Salem, OR 97303, Wednesday, October 14th, 12:00 PM

Let's keep the momentum going!

Message from your host, Tricia M.: Come join other MoveOn members for our "

Most of Oregon’s national representatives support a public health insurance option. The Salem-Keizer MoveOn Council wants to recognize that and encourage other Oregonians who also support a public option in upcoming national health care legislation to speak out and support them.

Noon to 1 PM, on Wednesday, October 14th, we are holding a rally at the Capitol in Salem, 900 Court Street, on the steps across from the Capitol Mall.

See you there!

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Really interesting example of someone trying to apply some foresight to trends

Eye ChartSomeone needs to photoshop one of these so it reads (by row from the top) E NE RGY isgo ingto bealot moreofa headache fromnowon. Image by deqalb via Flickr

This is really interesting: someone writing for a trade magazine for eye docs (!) who is actually trying to use the existing trends in energy and the economy to reason out what's likely to come down the road for his trade.

States and the federal government rarely display any recognition that the future is constrained by energy, much less local governments like Salem's. In all cases, 99% of the officials either believe or pretend to believe that their task is about a "Return to Normalcy" (back to business as usual, in other words, acting as if the new post-peak oil reality was simply a momentary slowdown on the road to constant growth and ever more of everything).

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