Saturday, December 5, 2009

Probably a futile gesture

Abandoned Shopping CartImage by yourpicturesarejon via Flickr

Somebody left a stolen grocery cart in front of LOVESalem HQ a couple minutes ago -- I walked through the living room and looked out the window and it wasn't there, then a few minutes later, presto, there it was -- a grey, Sprawl-Mart shopping cart. I thought perhaps the "owner" of the cart might be around scrounging in the alley for bottles and cans, but it seems to have been simply left.

So I called the "shopping cart 'hotline'" -- where I was told that it would be collected in 48 - 72 hours. Hardly seems like much of a "hotline," but we'll see.
Seven Portland and Salem area grocery chains are participating in the shopping cart hotline:
Danielson's Thriftway
Fred Meyer
Haggen Food & Pharmacy
Safeway Food & Drug

The toll-free number to report abandoned carts from these stores is 888-552-2787.

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