Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to decide on a mayoral candidate, Part I

Which one will promises that they will not rest until Salem stops wasting money on paper, printing, and postage sending out sewer bills to people who have set up automatic payments via credit card? For a city with severe money problems, they sure like to waste it.

Cherriots slammed for not sharing system data

logoWorking better with people trying to promote transit might be just the "cherry on top" that we need. Image via Wikipedia

Interesting post here on a new app being developed by the same people who do the great "walkscore" neighborhood walkability index.

Apparently Cherriots isn't sharing the data needed to provide such open-source utilities to make transit easier to access. Bad agency.
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As you ponder Measures 66 & 67

Consider: Effective tax rates for millionaires continue decades-long slide. Hippie pro-tax group? Nope: IRS data.

Presented for your consideration

This figure shows the relative fraction of man...Image via Wikipedia

How does this affect this?

Or will the Salem/ODOT Road Gang continue to pretend that you can do an environmental assessment of a proposed project (one that will greatly increase greenhouse gas emissions) without looking at greenhouse gas emissions, even though the Environmental Protection Agency has finally acknowledged that they are a hazard to public health?

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