Saturday, December 12, 2009

The index that needs to supplant the Dow Jones in the media

One of the most effective tools of mass stupification is the constant reiteration of irrelevant information, which has the effect of convincing people that the diversion is not irrelevant at all but, rather, is something important (or why would they be telling us this all the time)?

Thus, we get the Dow Jones average repeated fifty times a day and, even on Nominally Public Radio, have whole shows devoted to discussing it.

Here's a picture of an index that is much more important to know. Click to learn more.

The post-carbon farm

always look on the bright side of lifeImage by Venerable Kalense via Flickr

The really revealing comments in the story are about scaling up the model. The "conventional ag" guys are the ones still caught up in the mindset of "more efficient = less people involved," as if the country had a shortage of people who need and want useful work or could afford more of what has come to be called "conventional agriculture" (which is actually fatally unconventional in that it is little more than "the use of land to turn fossil fuels into food" and is already drawing to a rapid close).

There is really very little in life that is more expensive than cheap food.

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