Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peak oil to lead to Predatory (Oil-Seeking) Militarism?

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A friend sent this link on and added this comment:
When your country's upper crust social "scientists" cannot face truth, facts, and consequences, what hope is there for timely adaptations? And what use are they, or perhaps more to the point, how much damage can they contribute to the cause? I guess it's not just economists who are problems, but all the rest of that lot as well. Are we about to regret the day when someone began to take them seriously and even include them in college curricula?

Aside from those dinosauristic ponderings, it's interesting to get the author's take on the effects of culture and political system on eventual outcomes. What she says makes general good sense to me, and bodes ill for many parts of the U.S. I don't see the northeast coping any better than the southeast at having their backbone ripped out - and the entire eastern seaboard is massively overpopulated.
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Anonymous said...

Friedricks' thinking strikes me as involving a lot of common sense. Idealists in the USA who talk about changing our lifestyle to prevent and prepare for crisis and chaos due to energy descent after peak oil ought to give serious consideration to his work.