Monday, January 11, 2010

Update: more restrictive stryofoam recycling rules?

A LOVESalem community correspondent kindly alerts us to a change in the recycling policy at the Fresh Start market, the only place in town that will accept styrofoam for recycling:
January 11, 2010 - The Fresh Start Market had signs posted on their styrofoam collection bins that they can no longer take anything but the block styrofoam. This must have just happened, I was there before Christmas.
Recall that there were already some restrictions:
Accepted: Only clean, dry block packaging foam, meat trays or egg cartons.
NOT Accepted:
  • Packing peanuts (Call 503-588-5169 for reuse options. Most shipping stores will accept them for free if clean.)
  • Packing foam with tape on it
  • Construction foam
  • Foam that bends in half without snapping
So it appears that we're now down to "Clean, dry block packaging" period. Still, having a convenient cheap way to recycle those infernal things is a real good thing.

Also, while you're at Fresh Start, don't forget to go inside and check out their offerings -- which include Salem's-own Willamette Valley Fruit Company pies and frozen berries at excellent prices! YUM!!

Something to watch for this year

Missed this last year -- will definitely be on the lookout for it this year: Friends of French Prairie's big bash.