Thursday, February 18, 2010

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"The trouble with internet quotes is that you can never be sure they're accurate.
-- Abraham Lincoln.

Calling all Salem-area career seekers/changers

five on the fieldNot sure of where this is, but it could easily be Eastern Oregon. Image by aja via Flickr

Chemeketa Community College has some important news you should definitely know about:

Chemeketa is offering students a way to transfer many of your Chemeketa classes in the electronics program into a Renewable Energy Technology degree program at Columbia Gorge Community College, a very forward-looking program up there in The Dalles.

The Chemeketa website is too lame to have included this important information which appears in their Spring 2010 catalog, but you can get more information tomorrow or any day by contacting Gene Moore at Chemeketa at or by calling him at 503.399.6506.

So if you're a stalled-out young person in Salem who's wondering how in hell you get started on a meaningful career when there don't even seem to be many shit jobs around, or if you're an older person who's trying to find a new career that won't disappear or be outsourced to China or India, this would be a very, very good program to look into and to consider very carefully. Get with a Chemeketa counselor and ask about financial aid -- especially if you are a veteran trying to find a new career.
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