Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dump your bank -- join a credit union

Bank of America security giving me the finger ...The banks' attitude captured on film. Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

In addition to hyper reckless behavior that makes blind, drunk guy behind the wheel of a Camaro at 80 mph look sober and responsible, banks are some of the absolute worst miscreants in terms of anti-consumer lobbying. Their racket is so profitable that they think loan sharking is for small-timers, and they intend to keep it that way, with hidden fees, usurious interest rates, and constant lobbying and buying of politicians to grease it all.

In Oregon, the Oregon Banking Association was one of the big givers to the campaigns to defeat Measures 66 & 67 -- apparently the banks are so blinded by greed that they think nothing of campaigning to destroy the social services network.

All good reasons to dump your bank and switch to a credit union, where you're an owner, not a serf.
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