Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WORD: Don't support any candidates who won't fix the kicker

Subject: Oregon needs to plan for a rainy day now!


Due to a still-weak economy and there being little chance of significant financial help from the federal government, Oregon is predicted to face another huge deficit. Because we started this recession without a well-funded Rainy Day Fund, we have almost no savings left to cushion us.

Our next governor must finally end Oregon's roller-coaster budgeting process. In most states, when revenues exceed expenses, the surplus can be saved for a rainy day. However, due to the flawed “kicker" provisions in the state constitution, we can't act prudently and put unanticipated revenue into an “emergency reserve fund.”

We need to do more to pressure politicians in Salem to start getting serious about revenue stability. Vigorous support for a real Rainy Day Fund via kicker reform should be a litmus test for any candidate who wants your support.

Please join me in signing the petition to each and every gubernatorial candidate to endorse and campaign for a strong Rainy Day Fund to help us weather future economic storms.

Thank you!