Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friends make Salem Saturday Market even better

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Hello from Friends of Salem Saturday Market!

We've got a lot of great projects going on, and I wanted to let you know about them:

1) COLLECTING UTENSILS: Later this summer, Salem Saturday Market will become a designated "Zero Waste Zone." Our food vendors will only be using items that are compostable or recyclable. As part of that effort, we will be replacing disposable forks, knives, and spoons with regular reusable ones. There's a lot of food consumed at the market, so we need a lot of utensils! Do you have an old set of flatware stored in the attic? Mismatched pieces that you don't use? Too many spoons? Did you see a great deal on utensils at a secondhand store? Donate them to the Market! Friends of Salem Saturday Market will have a utensil collection basket at our booth, so please stop by and drop off forks, knives, & spoons to help eliminate waste at the Market!

2) USED BOOK EXCHANGE: Do you have books? Do you want different ones? Stop by the Market on May 15 for FSSM's Book Exchange! Bring one of your books, and swap it for a different one! Better yet, bring a bunch of your books and take home an armful of others. The event will run from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you've got a load of books that you would like to donate to this event ahead of time, please contact us: or (503) 877-FSSM. (P.S.: Mark your calendars for Sept. 25, when we'll host a second Book Exchange!)

3) FSSM IS HIRING! We are hiring a temporary, part-time Program Coordinator for our Zero Waste Project. We need your help to organize, prepare and execute the Zero Waste Project. You would work an average of 10 hours per week, and the position will run through November. Interested in learning more? Contact us, and we will send you the position description: or (503) 877-FSSM

4) NEIGHBORHOOD HARVEST: Our newest project is Neighborhood Harvest, a movement to collect extra fruit, nuts, and vegetables from residential yards. We'll be hosting harvest parties, and donating half of the harvest to Marion Polk Food Share, and the pickers will take the rest home for their own families. Watch the website for harvest parties in your neighborhood! If you've got a tree you want harvested, you can register it online, too. And we can always use volunteers for this project! Read all about it at

5) IT'S MEMBERSHIP SEASON: Now's the time to join or renew a membership with Friends of Salem Saturday Market! We're very excited for our second season, and we can't do it without your support! Memberships start at just $10 per year. Stop by our booth on any Saturday, or you can fill out a form here:

6) UPCOMING TOURS: One benefit of FSSM membership is exclusive behind-the-scenes tours at local farms and shops! On May 16, we'll be visiting Fairview Farms, where they raise goats and make delicious cheese. In June, we'll be visiting Cascade Buffalo Co. Never met a buffalo? Now's your chance! We'll be leading a variety of tours all summer long.
Stop by our booth any Saturday to chat about these projects and more!

Stephanie Matlock Allen
President, Friends of Salem Saturday Market
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