Friday, May 14, 2010

And a little child shall lead them

debt = slaveryImage by v i p e z via Flickr

This girl's got more sense than almost every other person in this story. Getting a valuable, basic skill to do work that can't be done via datalink, while avoiding crippling debt? Smart, very smart.

College is way oversold in this country and, as a result, has come to mean less and less. Which causes the next round of inflation, pretending that teachers all need masters degrees, etc.

The best rule for students coming of age from now on is simple: Know how to grow your own food or be necessary/useful/helpful to those who do. The more abstractions fill your education, the more you are setting yourself up to compete with every single smart person on the planet for work. Be warned.

Helping a client the other day, I saw the seamy side of student loans. Client took a $2500 student loan in 1980; with interest ($5500) and late-charges and fees ($2000), client is now looking at $10 grand of completely unshakable debt, debt that survives bankruptcy, disaster, recession, and probably nuclear war.
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Expect a sellout -- Straight No Chaser @ Elsinore Nov. 1

The Trail Band is nice, but the show's getting a little tired -- I expect this one to be a absolute blast though. These guys are awesome.